Is the gym completely closed every few weeks after a session ends?

Yes. Each session ranges from 4-10 weeks long throughout the whole year. Following each session is a week off for "active rest" before the next session starts fresh.

What do I do when the gym is closed during the off-week? Should I workout?

Stay active, hike, give your body some rest - if you refuse to not workout, add yourself to “BBFIT Members Only” page on facebook where Kayla will sometime post workout videos/ideas. Reasons why you should rest, backed up by science ->

Can I join a session late?

Absolutely! You can join at ANY TIME & get the price pro-rated. If there is a 6 week session currently going, you can jump in at week 4 and only pay for the remaining weeks (must be paid in the studio).

I want to sign up for the next session, but I'm going to be gone on vacation for 2 weeks. What should I do?

No problem at all! You can just pay for the weeks you WILL be there. (must be paid in studio)

What packages do you offer?

We currently offer a 1x per week pass, 2x per week pass, 3x per week pass or unlimited. You can attend ANY class with these passes. Mix and match!

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Can I come try out a class?

Yes. First class is always FREE for all BBFIT classes. If you refer a friend and they sign up, you will get $10 off (for each friend) your next session.

How do I go about coming to a free class?

Click the link below. Create an account. Once your account is created, please text Kayla at 209-535-6356 with your full name and let her know you created an account. She will then assign a free pass for you to use, then you can reserve your spot in class.

Do I need to bring gloves & wraps for boxing?

No. We have rentals that you can rent free for the first time. After that, there is a rental fee or you can purchase gloves through BBFIT at a discounted price (Everlast Powerlock gloves are recommended and we have access to those!)

I can't afford a package up front. What should I do?

See Kayla. She can set up a payment plan for you.

Do you offer daycare?

Yes, we have a Kid Zone available. 

What is the difference between HIIT, Boxing, Power Shred?

SEE “Services” for full description of each class & how long they are - stay tuned for more FUN classes coming! (Yoga is next in our BRAND new “Zen” room.)

Do you offer nutrition coaching?

This is in the works! Very soon!!

Any other questions, contact Kayla at 209-535-6356.