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Madison Espinola

"I started body best fit in April 2016. I was 206 pounds and had no intention of actually continuing past the first week. I was doing it so my family couldn't tell me I didn't try. But I actually ended up liking it. Mostly because Kayla made it fun and the workouts were hard but didn't feel impossible. I am now down 45 pounds and still working for more! I love working out which is something I never thought I would say. Sure it's hard to wake up in the morning but I leave feeling really good. Kayla has an amazing atmosphere that isn't intimidating and I couldn't ask for a better trainer" -Madison

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"The gym is somewhere you can go to just forget about what you do for a living, what you are doing on a daily basis. You just turn up and get on with it. Body Best Fit has been our "somewhere" where my Mom & I have been able to come and get on with life. We've both been to numerous gyms prior and never felt at home until now. Kayla is such a successful young individual who strives to help better each and everyone individual. Her passion shines through when you walk in through that door. I personally attend the boot camp classes and I love the small groups, healthy competition and the various full body workouts. My mom does the personally training & looks forward to going every single time. She enjoys the one on one and being able to focus more on certain aspects at once. We both have gotten stronger, physically and mentally. We are so thankful for Body Best Fit, Kayla and to have found our second "home". I highly recommend every one to step out of their comfort zones and come join! You will not be disappointed!" -Brittney


"When I first started BBFit I was a bit hesitant, only because I've tried different classes before and was never motivated to go back. I did workouts on my own But then I would fall back on not going back to the gym. After my first group session I was motivated to come back and even excited to see what workout she had in stored for us the next time we had a session. I HATED burpees, I always felt weak doing them and now I'm doing 62 in a row. I'm feeling stronger then ever, energized and I stay motivated after losing 10% body fat and my body changing dramatically since Feb! Thank you Kayla for motivating me to reach my goals." -Suzie


"When I first started I was a little embarrassed of myself because I was overweight by 40lbs. I felt there is no way I can do this. The first 2 weeks were insane but fast forward 5 months later, down 12 inches total in May, more energy,  I am feeling like a champ. My favorite workout is on the TRX and  the ropes. I love how the workouts are always different and always exciting and challenging. As a mother of 3 and a wife I always felt guilty doing something for me. I realized getting healthy is not anything to feel guilty about. Thanks Kayla for my new me!" -Melissa